Sophie & Russell

Some welcome autumn sunshine made for the perfect day for Russell & Sophie.

It was great to get onto the Hoe for a photoshoot between the ceremony & reception.

A great day, filled with great characters which was really fun to shoot.

A few of my favourite images from the day….


_russ_sophie_2.jpg_russ_sophie_5.jpg_russ_sophie_7.jpg_russ_sophie_18.jpg_russ_sophie_27.jpg_russ_sophie_47.jpg_russ_sophie_48.jpg_russ_sophie_41.jpg_russ_sophie_72.jpg_russ_sophie_71.jpg_russ_sophie_86.jpg_russ_sophie_91.jpg_russ_sophie_96.jpg_russ_sophie_112.jpg_russ_sophie_115.jpg_russ_sophie_125.jpg_russ_sophie_132.jpg_russ_sophie_145.jpg_russ_sophie_178.jpg_russ_sophie_182.jpg_russ_sophie_195.jpg_russ_sophie_196.jpg_russ_sophie_197.jpg_russ_sophie_215.jpg_russ_sophie_217.jpg_russ_sophie_205.jpg_russ_sophie_236.jpg_russ_sophie_219.jpg_russ_sophie_323.jpg_russ_sophie_324 - Copy.jpg_russ_sophie_326 - Copy.jpg_russ_sophie_339 - Copy.jpg_russ_sophie_344 - Copy.jpg_russ_sophie_356 - Copy.jpg_russ_sophie_369 - Copy.jpg_russ_sophie_370 - Copy.jpg_russ_sophie_378 - Copy.jpg_russ_sophie_380 - Copy.jpg_russ_sophie_396 - Copy.jpg_russ_sophie_402 - Copy.jpg_russ_sophie_403 - Copy.jpg_russ_sophie_425 - Copy.jpg_russ_sophie_412 - Copy.jpg_russ_sophie_431 - Copy.jpg_russ_sophie_441 - Copy.jpg_russ_sophie_471.jpg_russ_sophie_475.jpg_russ_sophie_479 - Copy.jpg_russ_sophie_517 - Copy.jpg_russ_sophie_481.jpg_russ_sophie_490.jpg_russ_sophie_502.jpg_russ_sophie_517.jpg_russ_sophie_519.jpg_russ_sophie_533.jpg_russ_sophie_553.jpg_russ_sophie_564.jpg_russ_sophie_556.jpg_russ_sophie_450 - Copy.jpg_russ_sophie_454 - Copy.jpg_russ_sophie_610 - Copy.jpg_russ_sophie_662.jpg_russ_sophie_639.jpg_russ_sophie_656.jpg_russ_sophie_657.jpg_russ_sophie_620.jpg_russ_sophie_661.jpg





  1. Nathan Coulton November 20, 2011 at 5:41 pm #

    Awesome pictures Martin – you really did make the day that extra bit special. A complete proffesional, and an absolute gentleman. Many Thanks

  2. Sophie Weeks November 22, 2011 at 9:22 pm #

    The photos on here and the album you produced is fantastic! So much more than we expected and totally captured our day perfectly! Thank you so much for giving us more lasting memories. Book Martin and you won’t be disappointed!! Thank you again! x x

  3. Naomi Coulton November 26, 2011 at 8:54 pm #

    You captured the wedding of the year perfectly Martin. Superb. Thank you for making my girls day even more special xx

  4. Julie December 20, 2011 at 1:06 pm #

    These pictures are truely outstanding and Sophie you were not wrong – lets hope I can book him for my big day! You both look absolutely amazing and so in love, what you want to see through these pictures. x